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Grossular garnet series Ougrandite.

Grossular garnet series Ougrandite.

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SKU: 0352

Size: 3.1 x 2.3cm

Provenance: Balochistan Pakistan

Very gem, beautiful color, perfect faces, very high shine.

Some very interesting clarifications thanks to Mr. Adrien Sautier: It is in all likelihood a grossular pole. First of all, the base of gray-green crystals reminds me of clinochlore, which would indicate an environment rich in calcium rather than aluminum, therefore pyralspite series excluded. If it is also a rodingitic fissure, the grossular is practically guaranteed. Another subtle clue: the faces of the trapezohedron seem not only modified by the dodecahedron (classical), but also by the hexoctahedron {321}. However, in almost all cases, these forms were observed on the ougrandite series.

Credit tableau: Pabst, A. 1943. Large and small garnets from Wrangell, Alaska. American Mineralogist, 28, 233-245

Dimensions without the acrylic base, which is supplied with the mineralogical specimen.

The sample is not glued to its base (flexible mastic).