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Some details on our site, our samples for sale ... ( Abstract of the CGV, which does not replace it in any case)

In this time of health crisis, and unable to exhibit at trade shows, we have started selling online on different platforms in order to maintain contact with our customers and be able to provide you with our parts in the best conditions.

Our collector's items for sale

Whether for high-level minerals or less expensive parts, all are chosen with great rigor, being very selective we buy little, mostly directly from the deposits, and only offer for sale parts of which the he aestheticism is the reflection of the perfection that mineralogy can sometimes achieve.

All our collector's items are entirely natural, no repair (with rare exceptions mentioned in the description and on the invoice), restoration, surfacing or intervention modifying the natural color or other ... (mention on the attached invoice ...) Of course no synthetic mineral.

Decorative minerals such as Agate,  etc., do not fall into this category and have been worked on.

We add new collector's items each beginning month. In order to be informed of these news or any promotions, you can subscribe to the "newsletter" without the need to create an account. The sending of this "newsletter" can also be stopped on simple request (e-mail, letter, message on site) or by the automatic link on the received newsletter.

 Photos et Vidéos

Restoring a specimen as close as possible to reality is a permanent challenge. The photos are taken without saturation, with neutral calibration of the screen and a white balance "Nikon Natural Auto: guarantee of more precise and natural colors, close to those visible to the naked eye" (Dixit Nikon), and a contrast slightly accented for more detail. We advise you to watch them on a computer screen (with a natural / neutral setting) rather than on a smartphone whose tendency is to color saturation.

We select flawless parts, however in the event of an area, fractured crystals, cleavages, contacts, small shocks on the tip of the crystals, these are indicated in the description, and a close-up photo of this area is provided.

If, few parts are in video (for a fluidity of display and speed of loading of the page), we can provide you videos of the specimens, preferably by sending files by Wetransfer allowing videos in high definition), in this case, we make a video in natural, neutral light (avoiding full sun), and one, under a led spotlight. If a clear photo allows you to see every detail (and defect) of the sample (generally avoid any purchase on a blurry photo or video) , Ask us, in addition, a video, it often allows to better apprehend the volume of the specimen.

Newsletter, member account and loyalty discounts

Purchases can be made without creating a member account. You can also subscribe to the "newsletter" without the need to create an account to be informed of news or any promotions.

We encourage you during your purchase to open a member account (login with password, accessible at the top right of each page, at the top of the menu for consultation on the phone) to benefit from a history and follow-up of your orders, avoid the next entry of addresses, have access to certain pages of the site (mapping of deposits, download of photo files, etc.) and benefit from a loyalty discount of 5% of your purchase on the next order ("Cash Reward Back ”), discount that can be combined with other promotional offers such as free shipping and various discount coupons reserved for members

Information request

We are at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact us for any information, advice, whether you are a collector or a beginner.

You can reach us directly by "Chat" on the site, leave a message here, by e-mail, on Facebook by Messenger (or Instagram), but the easiest way is to call us, with a direct contact we can bring you a maximum information, details on the parts for sale.

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