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Passionate about mineralogy, amateur prospectors, collectors, we decided to make a living from our passion, and from 1991 we exhibited in French and European mineralogical fairs. We develop a large clientele of aesthetic, amateur and professional collectors.

It is with the soul of a collector that we exercise our profession and we devote a lot of time to the research and purchase of minerals in an extremely selective way. Our mineralogical quest is demanding and directed by a search for perfection, aesthetics, rarity, quality, all these criteria which make an exceptional piece. Nature in its sublimated art.

We have the desire and the duty to satisfy a clientele counting the biggest collectors in the world, so we have to access the best and for that to go in search of it.

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The end of the 20th century will be for us the beginning of a life of travel.

For twenty years we share our springs and our autumns between different parts of Asia going to all the mining sites that are accessible to us.

We are at the very heart of our passion.

In the north of Pakistan we regularly reach the valleys of Shigar, Hunza and Nagar, which conceal a prestigious mineralogy (topaz, aquamarine, garnet, tourmaline, …….) And our long hours of road and track are sometimes well rewarded.

From Pakistan we go to China where we visit several provinces with mining sites in operation (Hunan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Xinyang ...... At that time many small mines are exploited in an artisanal way, which allows us to acquire many rooms nowhere to be found Today, due to government regulations and also drying up, many of them have closed.



Also Burma, Vietnam, India, passing during our stays from one country to another, in order to always have the opportunity of a beautiful discovery …… ..

All these years of traveling have enabled us to constitute a very fine mineralogical selection that we offer you for sale. These quality specimens are now for some difficult to find on the market.


These years have been very rich in experience and knowledge and today we are happy to make them available to you and to support you in your collection process.


In this time of health crisis, and unable to exhibit at trade shows, we started selling online on different platforms in order to maintain contact with our customers. Faced with the success we have met, the strong demand from our customers, but also from new collectors, we have decided to create this site and to perpetuate this way of working.


Restoring a specimen as close as possible to reality is a permanent challenge. The photos are taken without saturation, with neutral calibration of the screen and a white balance "Nikon Natural Auto: guarantee of more precise and natural colors, close to those visible to the naked eye", a slightly accentuated contrast for more detail. We advise you to watch them on a computer screen (with a natural / neutral setting) rather than on a smartphone, which tends to saturate the colors.


We select flawless parts, however in the event of an area, fractured crystals, cleavages, contacts, small shocks on the tip of the crystals, these are indicated in the description, and a close-up photo of this area is provided.

If, few parts are in video (for a fluidity of display and speed of loading of the page), we can provide you videos of the specimens, preferably sending the files by Wetransfer allowing videos in high definition), we In this case, let's make a video in natural, neutral light (avoiding direct sunlight) and one in a led spotlight. If a clear photo allows you to see every detail (and defect) of the sample (generally avoid any purchase on a blurry photo or video, if it is blurry it means that there is a wolf!) , ask us more, a video, it allows to better understand the volume of the room

We are at your disposal so do not hesitate to contact us for any information, advice, whether you are a collector or a beginner.

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