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Beryl Aquamarine-Tourmaline-Cleavelandite

Beryl Aquamarine-Tourmaline-Cleavelandite

SKU: 0237

Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.7 cm

Origin: Shigar Valley, Skardu district, Karakoram, Pakistan

A very beautiful aestheticism, fine and delicate, rare and sought after, for this superb association of Shigar Valley: A crown of gemstone and brilliant cleavelandite delicately surrounds two dark green tourmalines with microcrystallized endings and a perfectly crystallized aquamarine with a very beautiful shine. A small piece remarkable for its quality and rarity. Tourmaline crystal 4.5cm, Aquamarine crystal 3.1cm long.

Dimensions without the acrylic base, which is supplied with the mineralogical specimen. The mineral is not glued to its support (flexible mastic).