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Calcite on Fluorite

Calcite on Fluorite

SKU: 0614
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 8cm.

  • Locality: Loralai District, Balochistan Region, Pakistan.

  • Mineralogy always surprises! This Fluorite covered with white calcite balls is an example. Coming from a  little-known Baluchistan deposit often having the Calcite Fluorite association, I have nevertheless not seen other similar pieces with such a formation,  with this  very beautiful contrast in shape and color, between the fairly dark fluorite and the white calcite. Do not hesitate to present it with light lighting behind, to get more transparency and color of the Fluorite.

 Dimensions without the acrylic base, which is supplied with the mineralogical specimen.

The mineral is not stuck to the base (soft putty).