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Brucite on Chromite

Brucite on Chromite

SKU: 0339

Dimensions:  7.7x6.8x4.6cm

Origin:  Killa Saifullah District, Balochistan Province, Pakistan

Rare magnesium hydroxide mineral. Many pieces discovered from 2017 in Balochistan have made it possible to supply the collections on a more regular basis.
The beautiful pieces of a pretty yellow  with well-defined and aesthetically pleasing botryoidal crystal forms,  as is the case here, are much rarer  and highly prized by collectors.
This nicely crystallized brucite, of a very beautiful limpid yellow, contrasts with its matrix and gives a very aesthetic whole.  (Crystal diameter 1.6cm)

  Dimensions without the acrylic base, which is supplied with the mineralogical specimen.

The mineral is not glued to the base  (soft putty).