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Siderite and Chalcopyrite

Siderite and Chalcopyrite

SKU: 0389

Dimensions: 11.8 x 6.1cm

Location: Kaiwu Mine, Qing lung (Hezhang), Guizhou Prov. China

Very few Siderites of this quality were discovered, we only had 3 pieces of this level, associating an exceptional gem with a color and brilliance, unusual for this mineral. These 3 best specimens were found at the very beginning of the discovery (2008) of this small deposit. The iridescent chalcopyrite sphenohedrons bring a very beautiful contrast to this excellent collectors item. Published in the Mineral Kingdom N°166.


Dimensions without the acrylic base, which is supplied with the mineralogical specimen.

The mineral is not glued to the base (soft putty).